GC Gym Shirt


We know it's important to have the proper gym shirt and shorts for school. We pull the information directly from the handbook and is listed below. This shirt on this page is a plain white shirt with black vinyl on the front, first initial and last name.

From Coolidge Handbook:

  • The required dress on the days they have P.E. includes red or black uniform shorts and white T-shirts with thestudent’s first initial and last name printed on the front or back of the shirt. Red, black, or gray sweat pants with elastic ankles or open flared ankles are acceptable. No markings, logos, etc. should be printed on the shirts and shorts.

From GCHS Handbook:

  • SHIRT —Plain white t-shirt with sleeves. First initial and last name are to be clearly marked, embroidered or permanent lettering on the top front half of the shirt. GCHS Warrior t-shirts in gray, red, black, or white are also acceptable. 

  • SHORTS —One color – plain red or black. No Spandex . Red or gray sweatpants are also acceptable.